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Sex is one of the most personal and individual aspects of the human experience. It is one of the most intimate ways for people to connect. Unfortunately, it is also one of the means by which many devastating diseases are spread. With an estimated one third of the world’s population carrying some form of a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), safe sex should be more than just something we talk about, it should become part of our modern lifestyle.

Despite the alarming implications of having an STI, it seems that knowledge alone is not enough to sustain the behavioral and emotional changes that people need in order to practice safe sex and be mindful of the consequences of not doing so. That’s why we developed STDateline.

STDateline is an innovative tool in the fight against the physical and emotional pain caused by sexually transmitted disease. Our interdisciplinary approach encourages collaboration between Patrons from the fields of medicine, pharmacology, psychology, nutrition and non-profit social services to bring the most current developments to our Subscribers.

Our goals are:

• To provide relevant news and developments from reputable organizations in the field.
• To increase awareness, facilitate risk reduction behavior, and highlight personal stories of growth.
• To challenge our readers in becoming more knowledgeable about conditions related to STDs, current medical issues, and how to overcome emotional obstacles associated with STD diagnosis.
• To promote events that help to uplift humanity.
• To create a safe, non-judgmental community that supports subscibers throughout their daily challenges of living with a.

Community benefits:

People subscribe to for many reasons:
• Our No Advertising Policy allows you to maximize your networking experience without the hassle of pop-ups, banners, or solicitation.
• Our Confidential Message Board promotes community interaction by allowing subscribers to post blog, forums, emails, and event happenings outside of
• STDateline takes pride in our use of PayPal® as a security measure. In addition to giving you the security of separating personal information from registration data, it also helps discourage inappropriate pranksters from entering the site.
• As an added safety we do not participate in affiliate programs, sell information to third parties, or use your generosity to farm for additional opportunities.

Help us help you regain the self-esteem, confidence, and courage to live a long healthy life by becoming a part of the STDateline Community.



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